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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

For smackbrookelle

So I found this blog that is about photoshopping Brookelle's photos to make her look "real". Then her obsessed stalker page (the one that spotyourfail already made a post about) pointed out something that was sooooooooooooo obvious. But you can check out that blog, but here is the post smackbrookellefails blog post here. Just in case she/he decides to delete it.

But that is not the only thing, you can check out spotyourfails blog post to see what else. But she/he is threatening smackbrookelle, and saying things such as this and this.

(just in case she deletes it)

Also I noticed this, 

Not sure if it was a joke


Then they said they were a boy, but their was Damian Wozniel ( a creepy stalker that photoshopped brookelles photos and what not.) And smackbrookellefails is a creepy stalker, so you never know, they could be the same person. And he was also known for this blog  for brooeklle. 

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