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Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Allison fail, and new co-owner

Hello Everyone!
My name is Rachel, ( no I'm not spotyourfail ) and I'm helping Ashely with this site. I posted this on my tumblr that I share with my friend. It is a truth blog/freelice blog about Allison Kate. You can check it out here.

It is like 2 different people. Did she have a face transplant, plastic surgery, or just a works of photoshop. People face's don't change that much in 4 years. So this one was a big surprise to a lot of people that messaged us after we posted it. Their is no lying about photoshop now Allison!


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU KIDS ARE FUCKING RETARDED , Allison has never once had surgery in her life. Immature like internet lifeless fucks talking shit about people they don't even remotely know somewhat entertains me , go play world of warcraft or. Some ridiculous child shit like that if you just desire to talk shit.

    1. Funny, I mentioned plastic surgery. then you go ape shit like I said she had plastic surgery. She's to young, common sense, learn to take a joke. What's up your ass?