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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Allison, but turned into a skeleton?

Ok, so this is a little update. My messages have been flooded with the whole " Allison is anorexic" or " Allison is really scary skinny"

Don't believe me?

I have a few images here. The red markings are were she photoshopped. I know she

has not been over photoshopping herself like she use to. But she still does photoshop herself a lot.
The blue is were I'm not sure what happened. Like her nose and her chin. Her nose had a bump and next minute it is completely straight. And her chin use/still has a nick in it.

And the green is were I notice a lot of bone penetrating out of flesh. It is really disturbing and gross to look at. A while ago somebody called her out on her weight. She sa
id she was healthy, but her BIM was not. Allison that photo that I
got of her saying " Lunch " (which I will post later)

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