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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

kimmy salisbury

Please disregard the numbers on the side. I know they are not in order

But many of you have been asking for me to explain it more. And what they do and use to Photoshop themselves.

#5 (I over/under exposed the photos.) When you do this you can see the disturbed pixels in the photo.
She slimmed her face, smoothed the skin, retouched the photo from the blurriness.

#3(see #5) She smoothed, retouched, slimmed, and and warped her lips (just a bit)

#1(see #5) I found so many fails on this blog. She bloated her boobs a bit. She created fake shadows on her arms and legs to slim them. She smoothed her skin. She enhanced her eye-make and eyes. She might have used the burning and dodging tool.

Hope you guys injoyed it, People send in more request, either at or my tumblr.

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