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Friday, March 23, 2012

Kota Koti

Okay, So here it goes. This is Dakota Rose or Kota Koti, She is one of the most
photoshopped person out their. Her face changes in very single picture. Her forehead goes on for miles, and her lips and accents is super fake. Just look at the videos, and this gif and this one


  1. this is not really a site. Anyways you can see how she photoshops and adobes. The thing I don't understand is how she's sooooo conceited and full of herself when it's all due to editing. She brags about how when she goes out women are jealous and guys are gushing about how beautiful she is, but without the photoshop ect. she's normal(kinda cute, but nothing amazing). Newsflash bitch, but almost ANY sexily dresses women get catcalls. Anyways, deleting negative comments and videos won't make the public stupid. I know she mainly started this extra editing bc she wanted to be considered pretty, but anyone can be pretty with computer editing. Just look at lil kims pics.

  2. Besides what you said about this "not being a website" I totally agree with you.

  3. Drfanlol is most likely an envious faggot tranny.